Flexascreens only uses Velcro brand with industrial adhesives and Phifer brand of screen mesh.

Please pay Extra attention to the following. Thanks

Please make sure to clean the surface where the self adhesive tape hook will go.

Use alcohol IP99 with swabs to ensure the surface is clean & spotless.

On porous surfaces such as concrete, Vinyl & raw lumber must be sealed first or the adhesives will not hold as natural fumes from the surfaces leak out.

Only install on Clean, Dry surfaces.

The hook should at room temp of 18*C or higher for best results. You can use hair dryer to warm the frame & hook so that it bond better.

Please do not touch the adhesive with hands & make sure the scissors are clean also.

Apply the hook Directly to the frame, cut one side at a time, Not to the screen.

Please DO not try to reposition it once applied.

Curves should be mitered.

Apply pressure to the hook with handle of screwdriver.

Pay extra attention to corners, If it lift than the tape was contaminated during installation. Use super glue at end than. You can also use staples on wood (only).

Please allow 24 hrs to the hook to cure.

DO Not apply to freshly painted areas let the paint cure for at least 4 months.